What Are Photoshop Actions ?

Photoshop actions

What Are Photoshop Actions?

And Why You Should Use Them

Social media has been on the rise for a decade now, and it has brought a huge change in the way we behave and perceive things. Social media basically means sending content for others to receive over the internet quickly. The fast paced world we live in today, news spreads like wildfire over the social media, even more so than on traditional media outlets. However, it’s not just for sharing news or for just talking over the internet. Recently, it has become a huge hub for exchanging pictures over the internet. With the advancing technology of cameras, especially in smartphones, and the growing popularity of internet celebrities, social media is all but considered a place where people can share their pictures with their audience, and for that they need to set a high bar for quality.

Nowadays, even if all you have is an impressive looking feed on your social media account (which still takes a lot of time, by the way), you can start earning money with it if you give it enough time. People will start liking your pictures, and in time you’ll grow an ample audience; and in social media, when you have an audience, you have the ability to earn from it. Due to that, and having the bragging rights of posting good pictures, people have started to go to further and further distances to make sure that they have amazing looking photos, and just well-taken clicks don’t make the cut anymore; they need to be edited properly as well.

As software has started to develop, there are more possibilities than ever to up your photography game to the next level. You can change the fonts to whatever you want. You can bring people in and out of your photos, depending on how you want it to be, with the help of photo editing. You can even change the dynamics of your pictures and make them look completely different than what they did in the start. All this is thanks to the powerful editing of Adobe Photoshop. Adobe has been in the picture editing industry for a long time, and one of its most popular apps has always been Photoshop. Photoshop has an abundance of effects and features that you can use to enhance the way your pictures look and feel. They even have a feature which you can use to instantly apply multiple effects and tools on a picture in an instant; this is known as Photoshop Actions.

What Are Photoshop Actions?

Have you ever sat down at your computer or laptop, and wanted to edit a picture of yours over Photoshop to make it look stunning from its bleak form? After spending an hour trying to make it look amazing, you show it to your friend and he asks if you could do the same for them, but you don’t remember the exact settings you applied and you surely are not going to spend another hour trying to figure out the right kind of tools you used to create that smoke effect. Or maybe you’re given a task of adding clouds to several pictures, but you don’t want to spend so much time having to figure out the correct size and look, and doing the same job for each picture. This is where Photoshop Actions come into action (pun intended).

Photoshop Actions are basically a set of steps and tasks that are previously recorded, which include the tweaking of certain tools and effects that you can apply to your pictures with a click on a button. For example, you can create an action that allows you to add a specific text to your picture, add a black and white filter, and save the file in the required folder. Once you apply that action to any picture, it will run back that sequence of ‘actions’, and apply all those changes to the picture that’s present. This can help you immensely if you’re dealing with large projects or doing a graphic design job, because you can use Actions to be much more efficient and quicker with your work.

How to Apply Photoshop Actions

Whether you have created your own actions, or are downloading someone else’s, it’s easy to apply them to your pictures.

Step 1 Download the Action

If you want to use other people’s actions, go over to the website which has all the actions, find your favorite ones from the bunch, download them from the website, and unzip them so that they’re usable.

Step 2 Go to the Action Bar In Photoshop

After that, open Adobe Photoshop. After it’s loaded, find and click on the Windows panel, and select the actions bar.

Step 3 Load the Action

When you open the actions bar, you’ll find the load action option in it. Click on it, and locate the action file you downloaded from the internet, and open it so that it installs into Photoshop.

Step 4 Select the Action

Once your actions have been installed, choose the actions panel once again, and you’ll find a sub-category labeled as ‘select action’. Select the action you want to apply.

Step 5 Press Play

After choosing your desired action that you want to add on your picture, find the play button in the panel, and click on it. This will apply all the features in that particular action onto the picture.


It’s safe to say that we have more things to choose from when it comes to photo editing than we can handle. There are quirks and features in almost every category of editing powerhouses like Adobe Photoshop itself, and if you get the hang of them, you can really stand out from the crowd with your end results when it comes to pictures. Find the actions that you feel will help your pictures look great, and download them. It might take a few extra minutes than just posting the picture unedited, but it’s certainly going to create a lot more buzz than it normally would have.

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