What Are Lightroom Presets ?

Lightroom Presets

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Presets allow you to store and save a specific set of settings in Lightroom, which you can apply to any picture with just a touch of a button. Photography has been around the world for decades now. People have loved to capture moments that they can relive later on in their lives. Back in the days, it was almost impossible to get a picture in the same pose as you planned to in the beginning of the photoshoot, because of how long the camera would take to capture a photo. The cameras were of such low quality that pictures would even take up to 30 minutes per shot. This was because they couldn’t capture light properly, and needed to be exposed for a longer period of time to get a decent result. However, that was okay because there were only a handful of artistic people around who actually were into photography.

But now, taking photos has become a hobby for almost every teenager there is. Even adults love to get on their A-game and start taking pictures to show their friends and families. Where cameras used to take half an hour to take a picture, now even a 1 second delay is considered to be an indicator of a poorly performing camera. Ever since mobile phones have been introduced with built-in cameras, photography has seen a major rise in popularity, especially amongst the youth. It surged even more so when phones started having cameras on the front as well, to allow users to take ‘selfies’ (Thanks a lot Apple!).

However, amongst all the advancements in technology, probably the biggest contributor to the rise of mobile phone photography, and just general photography as a whole, has been social media. Social networking sites have largely encouraged people to start posting and uploading personal pictures on their own profiles for friends and family to see, or even the whole world depending on the person. One such app is considered to be Instagram. Almost every person knows what Instagram is, and that speaks for its users across the world. People usually buy new phones with amazing cameras just so they can post good photos for their followers to see. This is also the reason why people take editing photos seriously, and spend ample amounts of time on it as well; it’s also the reason why apps like Lightroom are so popular.

What Is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe, as a company, is usually known for its popular application known as Photoshop – it is a renowned app in the world of designers and editors. However, Lightroom is a feast that they’re missing out on. Adobe Lightroom is essentially an app that helps you edit your pictures, no matter what type they are. You can load your portrait photos on to the app, and it’ll do just as good of a job editing it, as it would on a landscape shot of a mountain range. The versatility and the functionality of Lightroom are endless, and that’s why it’s the go-to app for most professionals in the field of photography who have to edit their photos on a daily basis.

However, the app doesn’t only have to be for professionals of the field. You can download Lightroom on your phone or on your computer depending on your feasibility, and start editing instantly. Although it is available for free on the app stores of both Android and iOS, you will have to pay for its services if you download it on your PC. Adobe’s Creative Cloud services help you get a hold of the editing software, and once you’ve made your payment, you can get on the app in a jiffy. So if you love to keep your Instagram feed updated regularly with aesthetic pictures, you’ll need to be in touch with Lightroom and its editing prowess at all times.

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Presets are exactly what they sound like. Once you get on Lightroom, you’ll notice a plethora of settings and tools all across the app and it can get a little overwhelming. It will take time for you to get used to these tweaks, and to know exactly what they do. However, you might find yourself spending an hour editing a picture, and wanting to apply the same editing settings on another one, but you can’t because: 1). You don’t remember, and 2). It’s too time consuming. For this very purpose, presets allow you to store and save a specific set of settings in Lightroom, which you can apply to any picture with just a touch of a button. They are also a way of professionals allowing others to use their specifically made presets, and for passing on their expertise.

Types of Presets You Can Get

Presets can be used with most kinds of pictures, but you’ll have to be aware of what the preset is made for. In most cases, a preset designed specifically for landscape photography such as plantation, trees, and mountains will not work well with a picture of a person’s face. So, we have mentioned a few types of presets you’ll run into, and can use accordingly.

Landscape and Outdoor Presets

These are one of the most popular sets of presets that are used amongst the average consumers. These presets aim to increase the hue of green colors in your picture, and the overall saturation is expected to be jacked up a little as well, in order to give your pictures a little more punch.

Portrait Presets

Portrait presets will mostly consist of a decrease in contrast, and an increase in clarity. This will help facial pictures to look sharper and more realistic.

Black and White Presets

This one doesn’t need much explanation. You’ll have your picture turned into a monochrome feel, and depending on the specific presets, your highlights and shadows are going to be tweaked slightly.


In the end, if you want to take your pictures to the next level, you might want to consider getting yourself a proper preset, just to bring that extra magic to your photos. Once your presets have been applied on your pictures, you’re guaranteed to get tons of likes and comments!

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