What are lightroom presets?

Lightroom Presets are saved settings for quick photo editing with one click. They are installed and work only in Adobe Lightroom. It can be used in Both Desktop and Mobile.

Are this lightroom presets gonna work on my photos ?

Even though all presets are meticulously tested on a variety of photos and different settings, it’s important to bare in mind that based on your camera, lighting conditions, camera mode and settings, the presets might need to be slightly adjusted.

With this in mind, I am giving with each my presets pack of 25 presets purchase aditional 25 variations of the presets for free to make sure that you get the desired results on all your pictures!

My goal is to make this an easy and enjoyable experience for you so I am always happy to help you use my presets!

Just drop me a message and together we’ll make sure that your photos look even better!

What do I need to use presets on mobile?

To use mobile presets, you need to download the Lightroom application on your iPhone or Android. You can use the free version of Mobile Lightroom app.

Is my Lightroom compatible with your presets ?

I was cover all formats old and new lightroom versions old lrtemplate and new xmp format, and mobile DNG as well to assure all my customers who buy presets be able to use them in any lightroom versions. In April 2018, Adobe changed the develop presets format in Lightroom. They moved away from the original .lrtemplate to a new .xmp format. The mobile versions remain in the same DNG format.

What do I need to use presets on Desktop PC & MAC ?

To use desktop presets, you need to have installed the Lightroom on your PC or MAC.

When the download will be available after the purchase ?

After the Purchase product you bought will be available instantly for download and usage.

How to install presets on my Phone or Desktop ?

With the product you bought, you will receive easy to follow PDF instruction how to install and use the product you bought.

What are Photoshop Overlays ?

In photography, overlays are basically an image or texture that is added as an additional layer to your photograph using an editing program – most often this is done in Photoshop.

Photoshop Overlays are very easy to use. They don’t have to be installed just save them in special folders , from where you can import them to Photoshop when you want to use them.

You can use a Photoshop Overlay to create astonishing Photo Effect.

What are Photoshop Actions ?

An actions in Photoshop are a series of predefined saved tasks that you play back on a single file or a batch of files—menu commands, panel options, tool actions, and so on. For example, you can create an action that changes the size of an image, applies an effect to the image, automaticly remove the background of image, do the color effect change and then saves the file in the desired format. Actions in Photoshop can save lots of time, work smarter not harder.

How to make an order?

To place an order, please select and add your goods to the basket, fill in the necessary data in the basket section (please check the correctness of the Email address!) and proceed to payment.

Do i need to have Paypal to make purchase ?

You do not need to own a PayPal account to pay, You may enter your credit card’s data directly at PayPal and complete your payment. You don’t need to register a PayPal account.

What if PayPal payment fails ?

You are probably trying to pay from your business PayPal account, so payment does not work. PayPal does not pay from a business account to a business account. You should try to pay from your personal PayPal account.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of digital downloads, i cannot issue a refund once the files have been downloaded. However, i will do everything possible to ensure that you are happy with your purchase!

These products are my humble works and i stand behind all my products and with my customers! I want you to be satisfied with the outcome!!

If the outcome is not what you expected, please reach out to me and we will work together to find a solution so you can achieve the best possible results!

I am incredibly responsive and take great care of my customers. Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or concerns and i will be happy to help!

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