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Nigrenji Robert

Since 2009, i working as Graphic Designer and Video Editor and i was looking for formula for making better edits of my work.
For a long time working and combining different colors and shades i was finally be able to create these amazing Lightroom Presets collections that i am offering to you.

As frelancer for me is important to spend a minimum of time editing. So i was created Lightroom presets, Photoshop Actions and Overlays to speed up my work.

This was giving me more time for creativity and Personal stuff. I love my Presets, they bring magic to everyday photos.


“Over 9 years of combined preset development experience, i was create the most intuitive and powerful set of presets that works on most pictures”


Operating for over 9 years . . . on Fiverr, CreativeMarket, Envato & Upwork.

14,000 +

Items Sold


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